Monstrose Cactus


Original photography art piece

We shot this large monstrose cactus during the bright afternoon direct light against a large double window pane that created deep shadows behind the cactus’s knobby and asymmetrical shape growth points. You can notice so much character in the way these amazing cactus plants grow their branches.

Inspired by the monstrose cactus beautiful texture and bold unique presence. This piece goes perfect in any modern to contemporary space.

Images and Printing

Each image is printed on Epson premium luster durable paper. Providing you with a highly saturated look and maximum ink coverage. Because of its saturation and resistance to fingerprints, luster paper is a great choice for giclée quality photographic prints. The paper is a mid-weight, durable and bright white.

Image Sizing

Small - 18x24
Medium - 20x28
Large - 24x36

Each of our small, medium and large size photography art prints are custom framed in our Gallery Wood.


Each frame is crafted with shattered resistance UV blocking acrylic glass and comes with easy hanging instructions ready to hang your art piece.

Our small, medium and large Black & White plant art photography are framed in wood material with the following wood dimensions.

Black Gallery - 3/4” face with 1-¼” frame depth
White Gallery - 3/4” face with 1-¼” frame depth
Natural Gallery - 5/8” face with 1-1/16” frame depth
Wide Natural Gallery - 1” face with 13/16” frame depth

These frames are ideal for fine art photography.

Final Size with Image and Frame

Final Art Dimension Black/White = 18.875x24.875 (rounded 19x25)
Final Art Dimension Natural Wood = 18.75x24.75 (rounded 19x25)
Final Art Dimension Black/White  = 20.875x28.875 (rounded 21x29)
Final Art Dimension Natural Wood = 20.75x28.75 (rounded 21x29)
Final Art Dimension Black/White = 24.875x36.875 (rounded 25x37)
Final Art Dimension Natural Wood = 25.375x37.375 (rounded 25x37)

Each of our small, medium and large size art prints are custom framed in Gallery Wood of your choice.

The Final Art Dimension is the true size outside finish to measure on your wall. Each piece is rounded up to closest inch.