Staging your home with wall art

Perfect ways to stage your space

Have you ever walked into a home that was staged so well and thought to yourself, "I could live here!"? The decor is perfect with just the right amount of color and personality. Well, there's an easy way to achieve this same effect in your own home with a quick and easy approach. Hang wall art!

Wall art can add so much vibe to any room and tie everything together. Whether you draw a minimalist approach or want to tie in a bigger theme across your living furniture. It's also one thing that most people don't think about when decorating their homes but can make all the difference.

Perfect example; you may not want to cover up beautiful hardwood floors with carpets or get rid of your white walls for painted ones; however, adding some artwork on the walls will give your space an instant face-lift. You have so many options to make wall art a statement in your living space. One larger framed piece can tie your entire living space all together.

Think about colors either in your art design, photography print and frame that can pull the room together based on your furniture or accessories. You can make as loud of a statement or subtle as your vibe desires. The great aspect of wall art is you can change the tone of each room or go with something cohesive that flows through many of your living spaces. For example, bigger artwork is more eye-catching yet can take up a lot more space in small rooms. Consider the size of the space, as a gallery collection with multiple pieces that are hung at different heights and in different places around the room can make just as big of a statement and really set the overall mood.

One more tip. It's always worth considering how much light there is when choosing which type of art work fits into your home; brighter homes typically benefit from larger pieces while darker rooms might prefer something simpler like framed photographs or paintings without frames. 

The final touches for your space are what will make it feel like a home and can even be a fun talking point for get togethers. What style of art do you prefer? Do you like bigger wall art or a gallery collection of art? Let us know!

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October 02, 2021 — R+P Crew