Eclectic Style Wall Art Tips

We're going to explore a few different ways you can incorporate wall art into your space. Whether you want something that matches the rest of your decor or are looking for something eclectic and unique, there's a style out there for everyone. Let's take a look at some of our favorite styles.

Wall art is a great way to add personality and flair without the need for expensive renovations, or new furniture to set the vibe of your living space. So what are some great ways to consider how you can enhance and set the mood of your living spaces? We’re glad you asked. Here are 3 of our top wall art favorite interior designs. Easily transform your home with these eclectic style decorating wall art tips. 

Minimalist design


Keeping things simple can pack a big punch. Using a great design print or photography wall art can become a statement piece when given the right placement. Consider what’s in your space, the size of your furniture and how a larger wall art piece can glue everything together. Similar to our love for plants, wall art can completely change the vibe of a room and give off the right amount of energy when using a big piece to fill in a wall.

Gallery Wall


You can create an eclectic look by combining various types of wall art or a theme collection style into one space which will give off a big feel to any room. Think about how much space the room has and if there are other blank or open walls that will compliment having a group of eclectic sizes, colors, designs and photographs displayed in a living space. We are big fans of mixing various art pieces that tell a story or give an entire room a theme to add other elements to the vibe, such as side table decor to go along with the mood.

Trend setting


Placement can be everything. Look around for areas of any of your living spaces that feel open and could use a clever addition either beside or on top of a side table as a great start. Allowing a fun or elegant framed art piece to lean against a wall brings a new way of decorating a space with setting some new trends.

Your Vibe

Are you a home decor shopper with an eclectic style? Do you enjoy being creative and coming up with new ideas for your space? Using these wall art decor ideas can be the perfect way to add some personality to any of your living spaces. Get your hands on our latest original wall art pieces including four unique art collections. All designs and photography are proudly made by Room and Plants. Check out our collections.
September 11, 2021 — R+P Crew